As much of our design work is now completed in 3D, it was a natural progression that we provide our customers with the ability to visualise their products as realistically as possible. This also meant the inclusion of animating designs into real-life situations so the client could appreciate more, the design that was being proposed.


Utilising the latest professional animation and rendering software, AST can create, either from designs we have completed or from models clients wish to be used, animate or rendered images to their needs.


AST created the animation above for use at a rail exhibition to show all the areas of design experience we have in the rail industry. This type of animation has been created for many other designs AST have completed as a tool for the visualisation of the design to non-technical parties. Also sales teams use this type of animation to pre-market a product, even before a prototype has been made.


Most of the rendered images shown in our website have been rendered in the same package as the movie file, giving us the ability to create a gallery of visualisations as well as an animated fly through. AST also have access to various seats of high end animation software packages to allow our concepts to either be rendered to a high quality and also animated to feature film standards.

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