Special Purpose Machinery

One of the core parts to our business is the design and development of Special Purpose Machinery. Many of our in-house designers have completed large scale design projects for a wealth of different customers. Our main expertise is in such fields as:

  • Overhead Crane Design
  • Drop Forge Equipment Design
  • Hydraulic and Electro-motor Power Presses Design
  • Rolling Mill Design
  • Slitting Line Design
  • Conveying Systems Design
  • Robot and Controlled Transfer Systems Design


From a one-piece roller transportation bed to a full press plant or rolling mill bay, AST have the design experience to complete your requirements. Working for some of the largest heavy industry plant manufacturers, we have gained in-valuable engineering knowledge and process that any normal design house would never experience.


AST also have a wide knowledge of the supplier base that work within these fields and specify only tried and tested equipment.


We can also complete the design and programming of the control of this equipment through fully scalable PLC control systems. Electrical control panels and the looming of all the electrical equipment has also become second nature to our team.


The design of such large scale machines and facilities inspired the development of DATAport. To navigate visually through so many models, drawings and lots more electronic data is now as simple as surfing the internet. For a simple explanation, click here.

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