AST Rail - Mock-Ups

Many companies wish to prove their initial design aspirations work with the aid of what is known as a as a Mock-Up. AST have completed the design of many partial and full-size Mock-Ups to prove out all kinds of innovative designs.


AST have chosen partners when it comes to manufacturing representative Mock-Ups of rail and other sectors. From a seated area to a full vehicle, internally and externally, AST have the expertise and close working relationships with some of the best model builders in the world to create whatever we require.


AST have also completed designs for fully manipulative test rigs to prove Interior trim panels will fit in all potential variants of a vehicle bodyshell tolerance. This ensures that when mass production of an Interior trim set is given the green light, our customer has confidence there will be minimal rejections. In large-scale projects, this is a cost-saving our customers cannot live without.


We understand a physical and special appreciation of a design as well as functional tests are invaluable in the development of any product. That’s why AST complete both the visualisation and Mock-Up solutions of the design as well as the detailed engineering and calculations.

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