AST Rail

AST has supported the rail industry for more than 30 years. There probably isn't a train on the UK network today that has not been, in some part, designed by one of AST's designers. AST Rail Design offers proven strengths in the design disciplines required in all of the following vehicle types:

  • High Speed and Regional Diesel/Electric Multiple Units
  • Underground/Subway Vehicles
  • Light Rail Metro Vehicles


The designers and engineers at AST have many years experience in design for the passenger rail vehicle industry. This covers the design of complete rail vehicle Interiors as well as specific skills in the design and integration of specialist Interior facilities for both new and refurbished vehicles. These facilities include:

  • Drivers’ Cabs and Backwall Cubicles
  • Catering and Staff Areas
  • Universal and Space Saver Toilets
  • First and Standard Class Saloons


Along with design, we can also provide full structural analysis reports to prove the design is fit for purpose. Following the GM/RT Group Standards and any other customer/legislative standard applicable, AST’s stress engineers have been collectively completing reports for the industry for 60 years.


AST also has direct experience of vehicle build techniques, bodyshell and Interior trim design. In a number of recent projects, AST has acted specifically to interpret and develop the early design concepts of well-known Interior and product designers into production-ready solutions suitable for use within a passenger rail vehicle environment.


To find out a little more about each of our specialties in train Interior design please select the relevant subsection of this sector.

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