AST Rail - Interior Trim Design

As the Interior of a train is the area most scrutinised by the passenger, it is key that the design is right. We have, for many years, designed countless Interior design solutions for trains in service in both the UK and Europe.


Working either alongside our customers’ Interior stylist, developing the concept ourselves or with an AST selected third party, AST have engineered the solutions to many train operator/manufacturers’ specification. Such things as:

  • Bodyside Trim Design
  • Ceiling/Lighting Rafts Design (inc. LED mood lighting)
  • Flooring Solutions Design (inc. Fibre Optic illuminated carpet!)
  • Grab Poles/Rails Design
  • Heating Systems Design
  • Luggage Stacks/Racks Design
  • Refuse Receptacles Design
  • Table Design
  • Seating Configurations
  • Vestibule Area Design


From concept to commission, AST has been part of the design and project management of many prestigious projects. Having gained this experience we can meet cost deadlines and timescales that our competitors find too challenging.


For all of our designs, AST can also complete a full rail-specific structural integrity report to prove the design is fit for its purpose, the key to gaining approval to use the end product. For more information about this go to the Structural Analysis page.

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