AST Rail - Catering Areas Design

On-board Catering facilities have been the brunt of many a joke in the UK for years now but as more people travel longer distances on trains, the need for Catering facilities in the UK has grown. Over the past ten years, AST has designed the majority of Catering facilities fitted to UK rail vehicles, both in new and re-furbished trains.


In the age of product branding and customer choice, the public has become more discerning in what they eat and drink. To facilitate their needs, train operators wish to supply more than just curly sandwiches and stewed tea. AST's designs for Catering facilities have incorporated all of the latest technology and food preparation equipment available and appropriate for producing food in a moving vehicle.


From a simple shop area and at seat serving trolleys to fully equipped galleys, AST has the know-how to complete your design. We understand all food preparation and hygiene regulations and important working practices adopted by operatives within the Catering departments, giving you peace of mind that the design will not only follow the initial brief for the sale of food and drinks but also meet all regulations.


FACT: There is no other design company in the UK that has anywhere near the design experience AST has in the Design and Engineering of Catering areas over the last 10 years for the UK rail market.

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