AST Rail - Cab Area Design

For many years now, AST's design engineers have been at the forefront of design innovation in the development of one of the most important interfaces in a rail vehicle – its Driver’s Cab. The sculpting of a driver's console and its surrounding Interior requires a great deal of understanding in a variety of areas:


  • Drivers day to day work-flow
  • Ergonomic requirements to ensure a safe working environment
  • Mandatory sightline requirements to track
  • Styling / User Interface / Customer Wishes
  • Material selection and manufacturing process required to create the end production product


At AST, we understand ALL of the above criteria and have successfully designed many different cab areas for a variety of different vehicle types.


The key to our success in the design of each and every driver's environment is our interest in what the end-user requires. We take every effort in understanding the driver's perspective of driving these vehicles and try to adopt, where possible, enhancements to make their day-to-day driving experience more pleasurable.


FACT: There is no other company in the world that has the design experience AST has in the Design and Engineering of a Drivers Cabs (both Interior and exterior) for the UK rail market.


Successfully designing Drivers Cab Interiors to the UK Group Standards, possibly the most demanding Rail Standards in the World, and understanding the parameters a driver’s cab area has to achieve, simply proves AST’s experience in this field. That is why AST are being asked now, globally, to design Drivers Cab Areas for other countries to their Standards.


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