With more than 20 years experience in the Defence sector and working alongside companies such as Rolls Royce and BAE Land Systems (formerly GKN Defence and Alvis Vickers), AST has supported many high profile military vehicle design projects including involvement in such famous vehicle programmes as:


  • Warrior
  • Saxon
  • Tactica
  • ATVB
  • MRAV
  • Piranha
  • CVR(T)
  • Bowman Programmes

As well as vehicle design, we have had a lot of involvement in the design of a variety of specialist equipment trailers. These include:

  • Hull Structure Design Weld Jig Design
  • Communication Facilities encompassing the Stress Analysis and Associated Reports for all Mounting Features
  • Rapid deployment Trailers


MoD clearance protocols are fully understood by AST and in the event of a client wishing a team of designers to be security cleared, we have experience in assisting this process. Our offices also comply with high levels of security clearance.


Most recently we have been developing new solutions for naval fleets living and Catering quarters. We endeavour to develop this portion of our portfolio further in the coming years.

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