Aerospace Introduction

AST has been involved in the Aerospace industry in many different aspects. One of AST's major contributions to the industry was the invention of the linear friction welding process. This invention and subsequent development enabled jet engine fan blades to be bonded directly to the blade disk. I’m sure you will agree this was a historic milestone development to the Aerospace industry.


In the recent past we have continued to concentrate on the design of equipment that test and assist the Aerospace industry, as well as specific Interior design solutions for high end luxury Interiors. Our vast experience in the rail Interior sector bought us into this field and with the innovative and high standards the AST team devotes to our customers’ wishes, our end user is guaranteed the luxury and performance they are accustomed to.


In brief, the Aerospace areas of expertise AST have are:

  • Engine & Instrumentation Test Rigs
  • Engine Casing Design & Testing including in- service Repair Rigs
  • Rigs designed to test for endurance
  • A Simulator for Cockpit Flight Controls
  • Bird Strike Simulation Equipment
  • Test Rigs to simulate in-flight conditions including wind resistance & actuator controls on Elevators, Ailerons & Rudders, Inertia in Aircraft Linkages & the flexibility in Actuator Mountings
  • First Class Private Jet Interiors
  • A totally transportable Covert Lighting System for the emergency landing of aircrafts
  • Cabin Crew Rest Area modules
  • Private Jet/First Class Aircraft Interior Design


Designing both in our offices and in our customers’ facilities in the UK, France and the US our engineers still continue to assist the Aerospace world.

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