AST now have great pleasure providing the revolutionary solution to all design/engineering projects, called DATAport.  AST exclusevly provide this service, produced by DATAport Media Ltd, which is the first solution that brings all types of engineering data together and presents it in an easy to navigate "Point and Click" format. Compiled by engineers, this is a solution produced for your product and branded to your company, delivering everything you wish to your target audience to view.

Compiled in the DATAport can be such data as::

  • 3D and 2D CAD data produced in most of the major CAD systems.
  • Extended data (parts lists, manuals, reports etc)
  • Video and/or audio instruction
  • Any other data they wish to be available in the DATAport

AST collate all of this data together into an easy to navigate "Point and Click" format. Using any standard PC the viewer can see all of the data, including the ability to manipulate 3D models, without the need for ANY expensive CAD and PDM software.

Once created the ease of use of the DATAport has so many advantages throughout our customers business, such as:

  • Easy to navigate end user electronic "Point and Click" manual
  • Procurement access to definitive parts position and data
  • Sales departments can show, in great detail, previous products completed
  • and much much more …

DATAport is presented either on DVD, a USB pen drive and now a secure website! There is no more need for mountains of paper and high printing and delivery costs. Also it ensures the viewer is only looking at the latest issue of the document being viewed, eradicating the manufacture of out of issue designs.

Every manufacturer shown DATAport has ordered our services to collate their product data into an easy to navigate solution for their customers. We truly believe DATAport is a revolution in the delivery of engineering information. To see for yourself and see it live on screen don’t hesitate to contact us.

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