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Here at AST we are proud to say that this year we are celebrating our 50th year of designing and engineering solutions for our customers! That’s some feat in many turbulent years!

Bernard Allwood, Jack Searle & Hugh Timney established Allwood, Searle and Timney Ltd in 1960, predominantly to provide a contract Design and Engineering solution for the nuclear power station manufacturing industry. At the time this was unheard of but as the business built so did the reputation of AST. Other industries soon embraced this new solution.


By 1970, the Company employed around 200 engineers and designers. It’s unlikely that there are any nuclear facilities, UK steel mills or UK Automotive manufacturing plants that still don’t have machines designed by AST.

In the 1980s, AST were not only still employing over 200 people but also working in the Design and Engineering of rolling stock. The support provided by AST’s designers and engineers in this sector mean that there are very few rail vehicles on the UK railways that did not, at some point during this period, have design input by one of Allwood, Searle and Timneys Ltd’s engineers.


In 1994, Allwood, Searle and Timney Ltd was reformed to create AST Resourcing Ltd as it is today, complete with its sister company, AST Recruitment. Together, they successfully continue to offer Design and Engineering services to many diverse industries.

 As part of the celebration of 50 years of AST we have recorded an interview with one of the founders of AST, Mr Hugh Timney. In his own words he tells you a brief history of how it all began and progressed to where we are today!  To listen to this press PLAY>

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