As much of our design work is now completed in 3D, it was a natural progression that we provide our customers with the ability to visualise their products as realistically as possible. This also meant the inclusion of animating designs into real-life situations so the client could appreciate more, the design that was being proposed.


Utilising the latest professional animation and rendering software, AST can create, either from designs we have completed or from models clients wish to be used, animate or rendered images to their needs.


AST created the animation above for use at a rail exhibition to show all the areas of design experience we have in the rail industry. This type of animation has been created for many other designs AST have completed as a tool for the visualisation of the design to non-technical parties. Also sales teams use this type of animation to pre-market a product, even before a prototype has been made.


Most of the rendered images shown in our website have been rendered in the same package as the movie file, giving us the ability to create a gallery of visualisations as well as an animated fly through. AST also have access to various seats of high end animation software packages to allow our concepts to either be rendered to a high quality and also animated to feature film standards.

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Quality Assurance

Throughout our 50 years,  the work AST has completed consistantly meets the high standards our customers expect. To ensure our Quality Proceedures are independently accessed and approved we have been working to ISO 9001 standards for over ten years. ISO 9001 is by far the world's most establishedquality framework, currently being used by around 897000 organizations in 170 countries worldwide.


We have recently completed our latest ISO audit and were praised for our continued following of standards and procedures we have in place. We were again awarded our ISO9001 certification. We continue to adopt our procedures but also work with customer specific requirements, as long as they adhire to a Quality end product.


AST were also quality audited by Alstom Transportation Ltd as part of their approved Suppliers for Design Work guidelines. Again AST demonstrated compliance in all areas and was awarded S1 Supplier status to Alstom - something that is hard to get and not many design companies have achieved.


To view a PDF copy of either of the above documents click on either of the links below


2009 – ISO 9001:2008 Certification >
2009 – Alstom Quality Audit Certification >


As you can see, in all of our services, we endeavour to deliver a high quality solution that exceeds your expectation.

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3D CAD Modelling

From high-end 3D CAD Environments like Catia and NX, good all round history based modelers with older versions of Solid Edge/Works too non-history based systems like CoCreate and the latest Solid Edge releases, AST’s team of fully trained, time served designers can create the simplest part model too a 5,000 part plus assembly! We have evolved our systems as the 3D software has developed over the last 15 years. From the early Intergraph systems to today, AST has had 3D CAD solutions available to all of its clients.


As explained on the Software page, we utilise all of the most popular CAD software’s as our clients require their native system to be used. This gives us a large portfolio of CAD solutions we can offer. Additionally, if you are given by a third party 3D data in a CAD package you haven’t got, we probably have the solution! We can open, convert and send you back data you can then utilise.


The key to successful 3D modeling that most other Design Engineering Consultancies don’t adhere to is high quality 3D Data Management and attribute control. A 3D model can hold more than just its geometry; it can have history and descriptive text assigned to it too. This information is always consistently entered. We ensure all appropriate attributes are assigned and how the model was created is free from errors. We also ensure it has been created logically and its production makes sense. Then, once placed in an assembly environment we can be assured of a stable model. If all this is completed, anyone who opens the model in future will fully understand it without the need for explanation.


For a discussion about your 3D CAD requirements don’t hesitate to call.

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2D CAD Drawings

In 1966 key engineers at AST had the idea that a computer controlled drawing board, to ensure consistent quality, accuracy and speed to create Engineering Drawings, was the future. For the next three years, in the background of all of the draughting we ere doing for our customers, the idea was developed to the point of having defined a specification. AST approached Ferranti in Edinborough to discuss its development, as at that time they were one of the UK’s leading computer controlled equipment specialists. After a brief meeting they told us that we were “Trying to re-invent the wheel as in the future there would be no need for draughtsman!” They were in the process of developing a Designer system that sent engineering data direct to a CNC machine, making drawings a thing of the past! In 2010, nearly 40 years on, high quality cost effective draughting solutions are still required, but sadly hard to find!


All of our design team are “Time Served” designers that in the most part spent their early years on the drawing board. The team members that started purely on CAD have learned from these craftsmen and the level of drawing quality leaving AST is still one of the highest in the UK.


As previously stated, the CAD systems we use are wide and varied, but when it comes to the creation, planning, annotation and layout of engineering information we are relaying for manufacture and assembly, we ensure fully checked, easily readable documents every time. From a simple bracket to an isometric cross section through a huge assembly, our team has the skill to relay what you are trying to say, the simplest and clearest way possible.


For a discussion about your 2D CAD requirements don’t hesitate to call.

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Project Management

The controlled management of any project is taken very seriously by AST. That’s why we have introduced the PRINCE2 process to all new projects. PRINCE2 - Projects in Controlled Environments - is a process-based method for effective project management.


PRINCE2 is the standard used extensively by the UK Government and is widely recognised and used in the private sector, both in the UK and internationally. Due to its success many commercial businesses globally are now using its principles.

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