3D CAD Modelling

From high-end 3D CAD Environments like Catia and NX, good all round history based modelers with older versions of Solid Edge/Works too non-history based systems like CoCreate and the latest Solid Edge releases, AST’s team of fully trained, time served designers can create the simplest part model too a 5,000 part plus assembly! We have evolved our systems as the 3D software has developed over the last 15 years. From the early Intergraph systems to today, AST has had 3D CAD solutions available to all of its clients.


As explained on the Software page, we utilise all of the most popular CAD software’s as our clients require their native system to be used. This gives us a large portfolio of CAD solutions we can offer. Additionally, if you are given by a third party 3D data in a CAD package you haven’t got, we probably have the solution! We can open, convert and send you back data you can then utilise.


The key to successful 3D modeling that most other Design Engineering Consultancies don’t adhere to is high quality 3D Data Management and attribute control. A 3D model can hold more than just its geometry; it can have history and descriptive text assigned to it too. This information is always consistently entered. We ensure all appropriate attributes are assigned and how the model was created is free from errors. We also ensure it has been created logically and its production makes sense. Then, once placed in an assembly environment we can be assured of a stable model. If all this is completed, anyone who opens the model in future will fully understand it without the need for explanation.


For a discussion about your 3D CAD requirements don’t hesitate to call.

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