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  • Telemetry system can deliver real-time crop data

    RemoteCONNECT system also enables irrigators to monitor water-use quotas, set alarms to indicate high/low usage rates

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  • Helsinki Chemicals Forum

    Global chemicals forum attracts industry professionals to Finland in May

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  • V5 of MEDUSA4 2D/3D CAD available for download

    Private and business users now benefit from the latest enhancements to CAD Schroer’s free 2D/3D CAD suite for Windows and Linux

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  • Napatech announces NEBS compliant adapters

    Hardware design changes ensure that only passive cooling is provided without moving parts

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  • All that glisters is not gold

    Two instruments from SPECTRO Analytical can add the certainty of chemical analysis to trading in precious metals

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  • Mauritania keen to attract mining investment

    SLR Consulting supporting Mauritania in the sustainable development of geosciences and mineral resources

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  • Exd flameproof connection head

    Sealed to IP68, the SCH50 can be specified with base or side entries as well as a display window option which allows the process value to be displayed

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  • Microfiltration of aggressive chemical media

    Chemifil cartridges have optimal pleat geometry to maximise the available filtration area and to provide high flow rates at low pressure differentials

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  • Growing profitably and investing in capacities and research and development

    A European study reveals that managers forecast a major profit boost of 12 per cent or more; short-term cost savings are over. Dr Karl-Heinz Sebastian and Sebastian Strasmann report

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  • Life means life: protecting your future long-term

    Simon Ellam pinpoints a growing trend that is seeing companies base their control system plans around long-term lifecycle asset knowledge. More and more end users are turning away from proprietary systems that cause expensive and time-consuming legacy issues – putting barriers in the way of operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness objectives and CAPEX value

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  • Direct part production continues to grow

    Additive layer manufacturing accelerates automotive and motor sport component development

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  • Multi-power supply systems with up to 2 kW

    With different wide input voltage ranges between 14,4 and 154 VDC, the devices supply output voltages between 12 and 110 VDC

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  • Energy consumption projected to increase by 44 per cent from 2006 to 2030

    Huge demand for power will come from Africa and India as well, says Frost and Sullivan

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  • Improving efficiency and cutting emissions with gas turbine technologies

    Operating companies are turning to advanced gas turbine technologies to boost efficiency and meet emissions regulations. Sean Ottewell reports

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  • Novel Norwegian technologies help in Gulf of Mexico

    With the world's focus on events in the Gulf of Mexico, a trio of Norwegian innovations are helping in the clean-up campaign. Sean Ottewell reports

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  • Technology integration delivers more powerful integrity management

    The complexity of the pipelines means there is no universal technical solution to all the safety challenges. But integration of existing technologies is a step forward. Jie-Wei Chen and Wolfgang Krieg report

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  • Independent inspection key to oil and gas pipeline installations

    The impact of the recent Deepwater Horizon oil spill will result in oil and gas pipeline installations coming under far greater scrutiny from industry regulators over the coming months and years. Dr Richard Gooch discusses how to meet these more stringent engineering, inspection and safety requirements

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  • Preventing petroleum tank lightning strikes

    New options make satisfying API RP 545 fast, economical, and safe for floating roof tank lightning protection. Del Williams report

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  • Condition monitoring is insurance against unforeseen downtime

    Condition monitoring systems and automatic lubrication systems for bearings can reduce the risk and costs associated with unforeseen breakdowns to critical processing

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  • Network access key to high precision process monitoring and control

    New routers, modems and cables are transforming access to networks and simplifying data transfer across all production processes. Sean Ottewell reports

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  • Electric actuators in oil and petroleum industries

    Michael Herbstritt looks at how the Indian Oil Corporation and Petro SA are using modular electric actuators

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  • Piping solutions with using a flared flange system

    Thomas Rüdiger and Frank Wiele outline the updates to the expansion of a flared flange system and the introduction of a piping solution service

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Special Purpose Machinery - Gallery

Below is a selection of images, screen shots or video of Special Purpose Machinery related design work AST and members of our team have worked on throughout our history. For more information concerning each image please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Please click on an image to view a larger copy.


Gear Train
rls180 dyno
rls180 dyno
rls180 section view
rls180 section view
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Special Purpose Machinery

One of the core parts to our business is the design and development of Special Purpose Machinery. Many of our in-house designers have completed large scale design projects for a wealth of different customers. Our main expertise is in such fields as:

  • Overhead Crane Design
  • Drop Forge Equipment Design
  • Hydraulic and Electro-motor Power Presses Design
  • Rolling Mill Design
  • Slitting Line Design
  • Conveying Systems Design
  • Robot and Controlled Transfer Systems Design


From a one-piece roller transportation bed to a full press plant or rolling mill bay, AST have the design experience to complete your requirements. Working for some of the largest heavy industry plant manufacturers, we have gained in-valuable engineering knowledge and process that any normal design house would never experience.


AST also have a wide knowledge of the supplier base that work within these fields and specify only tried and tested equipment.


We can also complete the design and programming of the control of this equipment through fully scalable PLC control systems. Electrical control panels and the looming of all the electrical equipment has also become second nature to our team.


The design of such large scale machines and facilities inspired the development of DATAport. To navigate visually through so many models, drawings and lots more electronic data is now as simple as surfing the internet. For a simple explanation, click here.

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Rail - Gallery

Below is a selection of images, screen shots or video of Rail related design work AST and members of our team have worked on throughout our history. For more information concerning each image please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Please click on an image to view a larger copy.

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Rail - Industry News

Below are up the minute news articles concerning the rail industry. This is your one stop place for all your latest Global Rail industry news. Don’t forget to add this page to your favourites as we know you will want to return…

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